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Dialtone [2009]

Dialtone [2009]

A mysterious phone. A missing lawyer. An abandoned warehouse. They all help tell a story about Greg Pleasant, a Seattle lawyer who's held back from leading the dynamic life Christ wants him to live because he fears man's opinion of him more than God's. After Greg loses the control he believes he has over his life, an odd client tells him about an old phone that calls back into the past. When faced with the ultimate wake up call, how will he answer? How will you?

Director: Brian Lohr
Writer: Brian Lohr
Starring: Daniel Bittner, John Douglass, Brian Lohr
Genres: Drama | Family | Mystery
Runtime: 45 min
Release date: 2009
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

DVD-Rip / XviD / 720x480 / 23.9 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 128 kbps / 397 MB


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