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Joseph in Egipt

Joseph in Egipt

Joseph, a virtuous Hebrew boy, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Faced with many trials, including false imprisonment, Joseph never loses his faith in God. This faithfulness is rewarded when Joseph correctly interprets the menacing dream of Pharaoh, the Egyptian ruler. The video opens in the midst of Pharaoh's famous dream. Seven healthy cows are devoured by seven ravenous and sickly cows. Seven beautiful ears of corn are stifled by a vine laden with seven diseased ears. The haunting dream is interrupted when a comic succession of mystics unsuccessfully attempts to interpret the dream for Pharaoh. One of Pharaoh's servants knows of a man who can interpret dreams. He is a Hebrew named Joseph, who is in prison. Pharaoh laughs. How can a Hebrew, and a criminal at that, possess such a gift? But Pharaoh, in desperation, sends for the Jail keeper and questions him. The Jail Keeper has come to know Joseph and recognizes him as a remarkable man. As he tells Joseph's history to Pharaoh, Joseph's early years come to life. Joseph had always been a standout. His older brothers resented the power their father had entrusted in him and sold Joseph into slavery. In Egypt, Joseph was purchased by Potiphar, captain of the guards. Joseph's wisdom and intelligence soon became apparent to Potiphar, who entrusted him with great power. But Potiphar's wife was attracted to the young Hebrew. When Joseph refused her advances, she falsely claimed that Joseph had attacked her. Potiphar had Joseph thrown into prison. The Jail Keeper marvels at Joseph's generous and kindly nature. Truly, he says, Joseph is a man filled with the spirit of his God. Pharaoh sends for Joseph. Joseph openly declares to Pharaoh that only the true and living God can give a man the power to understand dreams. Joseph tells Pharaoh that seven years of plenty will be followed by seven years of famine in Egypt. Pharaoh realizes this means doom for his kingdom. But Joseph explains to Pharaoh that with God all things are possible. He outlines a plan of action to store grain, plan for the future and trust in God's word that the famine will run its course in seven years. Pharaoh, impressed with Joseph's wise counsel, places him in charge of all preparations for the famine. Standing with Pharaoh in his royal chariot, surrounded by multitudes of Egyptians in the market place, Joseph calls on them to put their faith in God and they will survive the calamitous times to come. Their cheers answer him as the video ends.

Genre: Animation | Short
Language: English
Subtitle: no
Runtime: 27 min


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