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Joseph's reunion

Joseph's reunion

Completing the epic story of Joseph's path from favorite son to slave to powerful governor of Egypt, Joseph's Reunion brings Joseph and his brothers, who had betrayed him, face to face once again. Instead of seeking revenge, Joseph sees everything as part of God's plan. "If you had not sol me into slavery those many years ago, I would not now be in a position to save you and our people from starvation." The drought predicted by Joseph has stripped Canaan bare of crops, yet rumors from Egypt describe vast storehouses of food. Jacob knows that unless he acts soon, his entire family will starve. He sends ten of his sons to Pharaoh to buy provisions. In Egypt the brothers must see the governor, who is in charge of distribution of stored goods. The governor is, of course, Joseph. But 21 years have passed since the brothers sold him into slavery, and they do not recognize him. Joseph must choose between exacting revenge on his brothers or forgiving them, but decides to test them to see if they have changed. He questions them about their family, learning that his father, Jacob, is still alive and being cared for by Benjamin. When one of the brothers admits their guilt in betraying Joseph, still not revealing his identity, has the brothers thrown into prison. Finally, Joseph offers to free them, on the condition that they bring Benjamin to Joseph. Upon their return with Benjamin, Joseph, as governor, stages a feast for them. As they eat, Joseph has a silver goblet secretly placed in Benjamin's sack. He then declares that a goblet has been stolen, and it is soon found in Benjamin's possession. Joseph condemns Benjamin to death for the apparent theft. His brothers beg for his freedom, saying, "We are the guilty ones. Kill us, but set the innocent Benjamin free." By this test, Joseph knows that his brothers are truly changed men. He reveals himself to his brothers, who joyfully hurry to bring Jacob to a reunion with his long-lost son.

Genre: Animation | Short
Language: English
Subtitle: no
Runtime: 27 min


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