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The Path of The Wind [2009]

The Path of The Wind [2009]

THE PATH OF THE WIND is an emotive, intriguing, well-produced, evangelistic movie. Lee gets released after 10-years in prison for beating a man to death, and returns to his small hometown. He has inherited his grandfather’s wealth, but he goes to work at the grocery store anyway to get his life in order.
In the grocery store parking lot, he sees a woman being attacked and goes to her rescue, mercilessly beating the man. The woman, Katie, takes an interest in him. He is interested in her as well, but she is a dedicated Christian and committed to abstinence. He finds out that she was previously a stripper who accepted Christ two years before.
Meanwhile, a 21-year old girl at the supermarket tries to seduce him, so that she can blackmail him and get his money. Another young man at the market, Eric, is angry with Lee because Lee took his job. Furthermore, he is being followed by someone.
There is a lot of powerful drama in THE PATH OF THE WIND, with some heartrending moments and some strong evangelistic statements. At the same time, there are some characters that are anti-Christian and make derogatory statements about Christians.
The direction of this low budget movie is very good, and the music highlights the emotions of the movie. Regrettably, some of the dialog is static, and the casting could have been better. Most noticeable, is the disparity of accents in this small mid-western town.
That being said, THE PATH OF THE WIND brings tears to the audience’s eyes and is one of the better, small, independent Christian movies made recently.

Director: Doug Hufnagle
Writer: Doug Hufnagle
Starring: Joe Rowley, Liz DuChez, Wilford Brimley
Genre: Drama / Romance
Release date: 2009
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

DVD-Rip / XviD / 512x384 / 23.9 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 128 kbps / 1.09 GB


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