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Book Of Songs [2009]

Book Of Songs [2009]

A musically gifted high school dropout finds his life starting to turn around with the help of a benevolent servant of God who isn't afraid to offer some spiritual guidance. Mike and his friends spend most of their days on the streets, where they delight in taunting the meek members of their neighborhood church. Most members of the congregation just keep their heads down and hope for the best, but not Sister Thomas. Sister Thomas is certain she could turn Mike around if given the opportunity. When she discovers Mike's love of music, she uses song as a means of penetrating his steely, street-tough armor. In time, Mike discovers the true power of the Good Book, and decides to lead a more righteous life. Though standing up to his friends won't be easy, Mike is certain that his newfound faith will give him the strength and resolve to become a better person, and accomplish anything he wants in life.

Running Time: 88 mins
Director(s): Noel Howell, MD
Writer(s): Delsea Flowers
Producer(s): Courtney Boyd
Starring: Digo, Brendon Katon G. Donegal, Carol Jackson, Reggie James, Dwayne Perryman


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