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The Christmas Blessing (2005)

The Christmas Blessing (2005)

After loosing a teenage boy on an operating table he promised he would save, Dr. Nathan Andrews returns to his hometown for the holidays. His visit is a bitersweet one, overshadowed with memories of the mother he lost 18 years earlier on Christmas Eve. This is also compounded by the fact that his father seems to want to forget she even existed. Nathan accepts a coach's position at a local elementary school where he meets a young teacher named Megan and also becomes close with a young boy named Charlie. Throughout the movie, events unfold, both good and bad, that ultimately leave Nathan questioning weather or not he did the right thing by coming home. But in the end, everything comes together (aided by a chance meeting with a special someone from Nathan's past), making this a Christmas filled with love, happiness, acceptance, forgiveness. . . . . and shoes.

Starring: Golden Globe nominee Rob Lowe, Golden Globe nominee Neil Patrick Harris, Rebecca Gayheart, & Angus T. Jones

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