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Deadly Choice (1982)

Deadly Choice (1982)

Robert Ginnaven and Jeri Leer star in this drama written and directed by Fred Holmes. This unflinching film takes on the subject of abortion with all its attendant controversy and questions and comes ... read more read more...back with a clear and definitive stance. The search for answers begins with a physician's dilemma and ends with a woman who explores the emotional, physical and spiritual cost of making such a difficult choice.

A doctor and his daughter are forced to deal with the subject of abortion in this penetrating drama. They are both are hit with the issue head on, but from different sides. The movie presents the truth, the choice, the cost, and Christ. There are consequences to the decisions and choices we make in life...and some of them...are deadly.

* Cast: Robert Ginnaven, Jeri Leer
* Producer: Greg Vaughn
* Writer, Director: Fred Holmes
* Lenght: 55 Minutes
* Genre: Drama

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