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God Send Me A Man (2010)

God Send Me A Man (2010)

Stacy is a promiscuous 20-something woman who is quick to judge those around her and has nothing but bad luck in love. One day Stacy decides to re-evaluate her life in the hopes of finding Mr. Right. Realizing that her loose ways are setting a bad example to her younger siblings she decides to attend prayer service and forms a bound with God that is sure to bring happiness and balance in her life.

Starring Clifton Powell
Co-Star Robin Givens, Ash Davito, Evangeline Gabriel-Young, Nicci Gilbert, Vegas Kennerson, Unquinec Killings, Kaye Sahkir, George Ukomadu, Curtis Von, Constance Washington
Composer Gerard Ingram
Director Emmbre Perry, Curtis Von
Director of Photography Mike Campbell

DVDRip | English | Subtitles: Spa | 1h 26m | 624x352 | XviD 927 Kbps | AC3 192 Kbps | 707 MB
Genre: Comedy


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