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The Devil’s Arithmetic (1999)

The Devil’s Arithmetic (1999)

This is another telling of the holocaust, but this time from the perspective of a modern teenage girl who only grudgingly accepts the Jewish traditions, but when she is asked to "open the front door" as part of the Seder feast finds herself, not unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to have entered the 1940's and has stepped into the life of a prisoner in one of the German death camps where she experiences all of its horrors firsthand.
When Hannah Stern, a 13 year-old girl neglectful to her Jewish heritage and "tired of remembering," goes to open the door to the prophet Elijha during the Seder she finds herself in 1940s Poland. After being sent to a Nazi concentration camp she must use her knowledge of the future to survive the past and learn something about the importance of remembering.

* Director: Donna Deitch
* Genre: Science Fiction
* Movie Type: Period Film, Coming-of-Age
* Themes: Crimes Against Humanity, Time Travel
* Main Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Paul Freeman, Mimi Rogers, Louise Fletcher
* Release Year: 1999
* Country: US
* Run Time: 100 minutes

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