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Alabaster's Song (1996)

Alabaster's Song (1996)

A young boy has a magical experience when a Christmas tree angel comes to life and transports him back in time to the scene of the first Christmas. The angel, named Alabaster, makes a discovery as they witness the dramatic events surrounding Christ's birth.
But the lesson is soon lost in the bustle of holiday activities, and the memory of that magical journey fades. Gifts, decorations and all of the other modern Yuletide trappings steal the boy's attention, leaving Alabaster to take his place among the ornaments and wait for another opportunity to sing his Christmas song.
Years later, after the boy has grown up and started his own famiIy, Alabaster gets another chance to sing the true meaning of Christmas. Will his song reach their hearts ...or will he forever be just another holiday decoration?
"Alabaster's Song" is a delightful half hour that combines charming original music, endearing characters and an inspiring message for every family.

by Max Lucado
Lamguage: English
Subtitle: Romana
Lenght: 25 min

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