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Esther and the King (2006)

Esther and the King (2006)

When a modern-day girl named Amelia (Lauren Faber) faces a big challenge in her life, her mother (Lori Broadhead) teaches her about the power of fasting by sharing the story of a heroine from the Bible. Esther (Summer Naomi Smart), an orphan raised by a relative named Mordecai (Marvin Payne), is chosen from all the maidens in the land to become queen. While becoming a queen is where most fairy tales end, this is just the beginning of the true story of this courageous woman who must risk her life to save her people from a treacherous plan of the charmingly wicked prince Haman (Jeff Stevens). Through reliving the story of Esther, Amelia gains an understanding of the power of fasting and how it can help her learn courage.

Director: Dennis Agle Jr.
Writer: Dennis Agle Jr.
Starring: Dallyn Vail Bayles, Summer Naomi Smart, Jeff Stevens
Genre: Family | History
Runtime: 63 min
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

DVD-Rip / Divx / 720x480 / 23.9 fps / mp3 48000 Hz 128 kbps / 607 MB

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