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The imposter [2010]

The imposter [2010]

The Imposter stars Kevin Max (dc Talk), Jeff Deyo (formerly of Sonicflood), and Kerry Livgren (Kansas). The story revolves around Johnny C (Max), the front man of the Christian rock band Grand Design. His substance abuse and marital infidelity jeopardize his role in the band, his marriage and ultimately, his identity in Christ. God uses two unexpected people to help him see who he has become and what he has lost. The storytelling in this film refuses to end with a rose-colored personal journey of recovery but depicts a realistic soul-searching struggle.
From the opening credits of the film the creative spark is seen throughout the film, which was marvelously written and directed by Daniel Millican and produced by Jeff Rodgers and Courtney Price. Each actor brings his or her own flair to the film. Max offers a shrewd portrayal of a lost soul. Deyo displays a natural acting ability. Livgren’s compelling presence and voice on the screen is singular. Arianne Martin’s emotionally evocative facial expressions are captivating, matched by Tom Wright’s downright grasp of the particularities of human behavior. Troy Baker’s character of a swindling record producer is ingenious and comedic.
This film offers the viewer layers of messages to take away from it. Substance abuse, marital infidelity, authentic worship, identity and talents are some of the issues addressed in this film, within the context of the Christian music industry, but not exclusive to it. Although its initial target would appear to be the church body, its reach encompasses all who struggle with any of these issues. But for this viewer, the question that Jesus asked 2000 years ago echoes throughout the film, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?”

Director: Daniel Millican
Starring: Kevin Max, Kerry Livgren, Jeff Deyo
Genre: Drama
Length: 101 Minutes
Release date: 2010
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

DVD-Rip / XviD / 720x480 / 23.9 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 128 kbps / 969 MB

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