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Set apart [2009]

Set apart [2009]

Set Apart combines the action and excitement of a Western with the laughter of a comedy to become a poignant coming-of-age drama. Four inner-city kids are each at a crossroad in their young lives; their decisions and actions could set them down life’s slippery slope. Fortunately, Pastor John Gunn (John Schneider) and his Power Company Kids’ ministry are watching out for them. Even he knows, however, that the city is the last place these four should be. So he asks his brother and sister-in-law, Randy and Heidi Gunn (playing themselves), to help out by showing these city kids “The Cowboy Way.”
The title of the movie Set Apart reminds us that as children of God we are set apart for a special purpose. "Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself" Psalm 4:3a (NIV). This film mixes comedy and Wild West action to get across a powerful message. The story is about 4 teens from a tough city where drugs, prostitution, and violence are part of their normal life. These kids are in a fight for their lives trying to make the right decisions, but the gangs are making that very hard. A preacher, played by John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard), noticing that these kids are at high risk, asks his brother, Randy Gunn, to take them to his ranch, to see a different way of life. While at the ranch these teens learn about hard work, responsibility, true friendship, and above all that God loves them. Today teens are faced with tough choices all around them. They are desperately looking for love and acceptance. Who are we going to let influence our teens – God or gangs?

Director: Ralph E. Portillo
Writer: George Flynn
Starring: Ary Katz, Richard Roundtree, John Schneider, Sarah Lilly
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Genre: Comedy / Western
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

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