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Damascus (2009)

Damascus (2009)

Damascus Speaks - Saint Paul is a docu-drama emphasizing and lightening on the relationship between Paul and the city of Damascus wich is the capital of Syria The exact local places of Syria, in the same places where Paul met Jesus and shined on him on the road to Damascus, the house of Ananias in Damascus and Judah's house where Paul was healed, the wall of Damascus, the Antioch church....

Original title: Damashq Tatkalm
Director: Khaled AL Khaled
Starring: Khais Al Shaikh Najib, Abd Alrahman Abou Alkassem, Hany Al Romany, Nadin
Genre: Drama | History
Release: September 2009
Runtime: 78 min
Language: English & Arabian (original language)
Subtitle: Romana

DVD-Rip / XviD / 624x368 / 25 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 108 kbps / 700 MB

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