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August Rush (2007)

August Rush (2007)

Twelve years ago, on a moonlit rooftop above Washington Square, Lyla Novacek, a sheltered young cellist, and Louis Connelly, a charismatic Irish singer-songwriter, were drawn together by a street musician's rendition of "Moondance" and fell in love. After the most romantic night of her life, Lyla promised to meet Louis again but, despite her protests, her father rushed her to her next concert--leaving Louis to believe that she didn't care. Disheartened, he found it impossible to continue playing and eventually abandoned his music while Lyla, her own hopes for love lost, was led to believe months later that she had also lost their unborn child in a car accident. Years passed with neither of them knowing the truth. Now, the infant secretly given away by Lyla's father has grown into an unusually gifted child who hears music all around him and can turn the rustling of wind through a wheat field into a beautiful symphony with himself at its center, the composer and conductor. He holds an unwavering belief that his parents are alive and want him as much as he wants them. Determined to search for them, he makes his way to New York City. There, lost and alone, he is beckoned by the guitar music of a street kid playing for change and follows him back to a makeshift shelter in the abandoned Fillmore East Theater, where dozens of children like him live under the protection of the enigmatic Wizard. He picks up a guitar for the first time and unleashes an impromptu performance in his own unique style. Wizard names him August Rush, introduces him to the soul-stirring power of music and begins to draw out his extraordinary talent. Wizard has big plans for the young prodigy but, for August, his music has a more important purpose. He believes that if his parents can hear his music, they will find him. Unbeknownst to August, they have already begun that journey.

"August Rush" spune povestea unui carismatic tanar chitarist irlandez (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) si a unei violonceliste (Keri Russell) care se intalnesc din intamplare intr-o noapte magica deasupra Pietei Washington din New Yorl, dar in curand sunt despartiti, lasand in urma un copil, August Rush, ramas orfan fortat de circumstante. Acum cantand pe strzile din New York si ingrijit de un strain misterios (Robin Williams), August (Freddie Highmore) isi foloseste remarcabilul talent muzical pentru a-si cauta parintii de care a fost separat la nastere. Un copil de 11 ani dintr-un orfelinat viseaza ca-si va intalni parintii si de aceea pleaca in cautarea lor. Simte ca are o anumita conexiune cu muzica... dar de la a pune prima data mana pe un instrument muzical si pana a ajunge intr-o orchesta faimoasa este doar un pas. Insa ajunge pe mana unui om care ii punea pe copii sa cante pentru bani...El incearca sa-si gaseasca parintii si sa gasesta MUZICA,cea care ia unit pe parintii sai: tanarul chitarist irlandez Louis si o frumoasa violoncelista, Lyla. Ei se intalnesc intr-o noapte magica in Washington Square. Tatal ei se impotriveste relatiei lor, astfel încât ei ajung sa se desparta, lasand in urma un copil, pe August Rush.

Director: Kirsten Sheridan
Writer: Nick Castle, James V. Hart
Starring: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Genre: Drama | Music | Romance
Release: 21 November 2007
Runtime: 115 min
Language: English
Subtitle: Romana

AVI / DVD-Rip / Xvid / 616x256 / 23 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 112 kbps / 699 MB

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