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Heroes of the Faith - The Story of Jeremiah

Heroes of the Faith - The Story of Jeremiah

To be a true hero you need a lot of faith and trust in the Lord. The series Héroes de la Fe was developed for children to learn the stories of prominent men and women in the Bible.
This video tells the story of a young man who was a prophet under five kings in Jerusalem who denounced the disobedience, idolatry and rebelliousness of his people.

Audio: English
Running time: 30 minutes.

Subtitles: Romanian (inclusa)

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  1. poti sa scoti afara acest dl, pentru ca partea a 2-a este muci. nu poti extrage!

    nu ai stiut sa faci o simpla arhiva, asadar degeaba ai part 1 si part3 ok, pentru ca nu-l vei putea dezarhiva deloc pe Jeremiah --> lipsa part2

    nu ai stiut sa faci arhiva rar, cum nu stii nici sa pui cand faci o arhiva, acel ''repair arhive''

    se mai putea salva aceasta busita arhiva daca atunci cand i-ai dat viata la part2, puneai si repair arhive...dar ehhhh, ce sa-i faci, lenea e mare.

    pe scurt poti sa stergi acest dl pt ca part2 este varza, nu poti extrage

    some screens with your uncan to extract part2

    please for the love of the god's, don't rar's anymore, cuz u sucks