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The Lost & Found Family (2009)

The Lost & Found Family (2009)

The Lost & Found Family is a touching story of hardship, change, and the faith that God can make things better, no matter how difficult the situation appears in our eyes. Hardship and change can affect anyone—from children in a foster-care environment to well-to-do socialites. Sometimes it's systemic; other times it's instantaneous. Ester Hobbes has led the good life with her loving husband. But when Franklin suffers a fatal heart attack, her life changes dramatically. Franklin's business dealings have left Ester with little beyond the clothes on her back ... and an unknown piece of rental property. Leaving the life she loves in Chicago, she heads to rural Georgia only to discover that the house she owns is the home of Tony and Ramona ... and their five foster children. Barely able to make ends meet and knowing only God can help turn around the lives of their troubled foster children, the last thing Tony and Ramona are looking for is a live-in landlord ... especially when they discover Ester's lawyer has the house for sale. After an extremely rocky start, Ester begins to befriend Crystal, Jasmin, Max, Justin, and Teri, along with their foster parents. But when word comes that the house has been sold to a developer, these fragile alliances are shattered. In dire straits, Ester cries out to God for help. But is there enough time for Ester and her new "family" to save their home? The Lost & Found Family reminds us that God brings out the best in us when we show His compassion to those in desperate need of love.

Director: Barnet Bain
Release Date: 15 September 2009
Genre: Drama
Cast: Ellen Bry, Lucas Till, Jessica Luza, Greg Thompson
Runtime: 91 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: ROMANA, English (closed captioned)

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