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Sins Of Jezebel (1953)

Sins Of Jezebel (1953)

The wicked princess of Phoenicia, Jezebel hopes to expand her power by marrying Ahab (Eduard Franz), the King of Israel. Jezebel brings destruction upon the Israelites through her many sexual peccadilloes and orgiastic bacchanals. The film's nominal leading man is George Nader, cast as a charioteer who succumbs to Jezebel's wiles. Surprisingly, the film manages to be quite entertaining within its tiny budget. The "redeeming moral value" of Sins of Jezebel is achieved by having the film presented in flashback, during a sermon delivered by pious preacher Elijah (John Hoyt).

Director: Reginald Le Borg
Release Date: 4 September 1953
Genre: Drama, History
Cast: Paulette Goddard, John Hoyt, George Nader, Eduard Franz
Runtime: 74 min
Country: USA

Language: English
Subtitles: ROMANA


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